Iran Green Advertising

According to research, advertising in general and Internet advertising in the current era in particular, play a decisive role in the

success or failure of economic activities.

Specialized sites in cyberspace are among the prominent tools in this field and Khazar Eurasia Company tries to use this method

in the success of member companies.

Iran Green Advertising

Visitors of Iran Green Exhibition, after being aware of the registration tariffs, can apply to participate and join the site.

Or, without membership, apply for advertising according to the advertising tariff.

Advertising tariff:

Ads on the front page  

Euro 39 per box per month 

Ads on the front page 

Euro 499 per box per year 

Ads on the ad page 

Euro 9 per box per month 

Ads on the ad page 

Euro 79 per box per year 

Iran green Advertisement


– Advertisements based on these tariffs will be included only in the English section of the site and 10% will be added to these

prices for inclusion in the Persian section.

– The participants in the exhibition will have a good opportunity to advertise with a 50% discount on advertising tariffs.

– Advertising must be related to one of the branches of agriculture.

– Advertising includes inserting a logo or product / products and at the same time will direct the audience to the personal page of

the participant in the exhibition and finally to the company’s website.

  Photos and promotional content, after review and approval of the site management, will be inserted

Iran green Advertisement