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Permanent exhibition of horticulture, flowers and plants, greenhouse industry, agricultural machinery and inputs

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Visiting IFTF 2023
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What we want to do

Khazar Eurasia Company, after several years of activity in the field of holding trade fairs and close relations with the stakeholders of the agricultural sector, has always tried to provide the grounds for establishing links between producers and suppliers of domestic and foreign goods and services in this sector and consumers.

One of these activities is holding or co-organizing some Horticultural Trade Fairs in Iran which you can find in the company website,with the presence of reputable domestic and foreign companies in the field of greenhouse, horticulture, flowers and plants and related industries, and after four editions, it seems that it gradually finds its place among in the market.

The current process of the global business bench-marking has shown that the effective utilization of tools and digital facilities are considered as a suitable supplement to specific business and commercial activities, and with a more forward-looking and broader view, the use of new solutions and cyberspace as an undeniable necessity is the main supporter of the typical traditional methods.

It is a long way to go and we hope that your supports as well as your extensive, active and continuous presence turn this exhibition into a serious arena for the prosperity of business in the field of Horticulture in the long run.

We would be honored to have you join us and follow us on instagram.

Iran Green International Exhibition

Iran Green International Exhibition

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