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 In the first stage, for the applicant companies, space will be considered in which the main information of the company will be entered according to the following registration form and tariffs.


Register to attend the Iran Green Virtual Exhibition

To register for the real exhibition (Iran Green Trade Fair-IGTF), refer to the Khazar Eurasia website or international website.

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Flowers, Plants and related Industries

Greenhouses and related Industries


Green Space

 Ornamental Flowers &  Plants

 Greenhouse structures and parts

Organizations & Associations


 Industrial Flowers &  Plants

 Heating & Cooling


 Park Furniture

 Medicinal Flowers &  Plants

 Irrigation System


 Pergola and Waterfall

 Flower Arranging Accessories

 Lighting System


 Vertical Green Walls

 Decoration Accessories

 Hydroponic System

 Export and Import

 Green Roof

 Pots and Volume

 Climate Control System

 Banking and Insurance


 Wrought Iron

 Horticulture Machineries

 Water and Soil Laboratory



 Machinery, Tools and Accessories

 Plant Protection


 Seeds and Bulbs

 Gardening Machineries

 Tissue Culture

 Book and Magazine

 Cuttings and Seedlings

 Tools and Equipment



 Fertilizers, Soils and Additives

 Packaging System

 Educational Products


 Toxins and Pest control

 Sorting Machineries

 Travel agencies

 Chemicals Material

 Product Processing

 Other Services

 Non-Chemicals Fertilizers

 Peat moss and Coco peat


Register to attend a virtual exhibition


  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpg.
    The company logo should be sent in 300 dpi resolution and in JPG format.