Machinery, Tools and Accessories

When humans started farming, they undoubtedly used their physical strength, but gradually they was able to increase their efficiency and radius of action by using simple tools and then the strength of animals and machines

It is said that the progress of horticulture in the last one hundred years has been very fast compared to before that the main reason for this progress can be considered the rapid invention of various agricultural machines, especially diesel tractors and their replacement instead of basic equipment

Due to increasing population growth and excessive need for agricultural production and food supply, the use of machinery and equipment, and the use of new technologies to increase production efficiency in pre-planting, planting, holding, harvesting, and post-planting operations, the impression is an undeniable necessity

In this section of the Iran Green Virtual Exhibition website, we have introduced the participants in the field of production and supply of machinery and equipment for gardening, horticulture, green space, packaging, and sorting

The type of tools used for plants from seed to tree should be tailored to them, diverse and advanced to get the most out of every aspect

 In any case, we hope that by gathering these companies and adding other activists in this field, we will be able to provide worthy assistance to the producers and visitors of the exhibition

Companies in the field of production and supply of machinery, greenhouse tools and equipment, nursery machinery and equipment, lawn and green space maintenance machinery, gardening tools and equipment, sprayers, and other common garden equipment and machinery, as well as packaging and sorting. They can attend this exhibition

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