Khazar Eurasia Exhibition Company

Khazar Eurasia Exhibition and Trade Company was established in 2003 with considerable experience and expertise in the field of

holding specialized national and international exhibitions. Our executive team has always been proud of accompanying its

participants in various trade fairs in the field of exhibition and advertising services.

Khazar Eurasia Company, after several years of activity in the field of organizing specialized exhibitions –national and

international trade fairs and close relations with stakeholders of the Horticultural sector, has always tried to establish

appropriately close links between producers and/or suppliers of the domestic and foreign products and services in this sector and consumers.

The current process of the global business benchmarking has demonstrated that the use of virtual digital tools and facilities can

be considered a good supplement to routine business activities. Even with a more forward-looking and disinterested view, the use

of new solutions and cyberspace as an undeniable necessity can be a fundamental supporter of typical and traditional methods.

For this purpose, the management of Khazar Eurasia has decided to take advantage of the current unfavorable economic

conditions caused by the COVID-19, the effects of which will continue as an opportunity for the benefit of economic enterprises.

To reach this goal, and in a new and different way from the past (in terms of form), we have provided a virtual space such as an

Enormous Hall as a Permanent International Trade Fair and similar to the usual exhibitions (in terms of content), so that

companies can be seen, introducing their company, products and capabilities on separate pages, resembling exhibition stands.

We are at the beginning of this path and your active continuous presence can turn this International Exhibition into also a serious

.arena for the prosperity of business in the field of Horticulture in the long run