Here we have tried to create links so that foreign visitors can get acquainted with organizations or ministries that are influential in the fields of economy and trade in Iran.

In other words, to do any business in another country, it is necessary to get acquainted with trade-related organizations.

Let us know if you need to contact other organizations or familiarize yourself with the law and regulations to do business with Iran, we will support you.

Providing services in a desirable way to the visitors of Iran Green Virtual Exhibition website to obtain the information they need, different useful sections have been inserted which by clicking on the logo of each, directly will find their website.

The items in the Useful Links section can be viewed:

Iran International Exhibition Company is the largest exhibition center in Iran in terms of the number of exhibitions, which you can find the annual calendar for exhibitions on this fair site.

Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) is the executor of the decision of the relevant ministry in the field of business activities.

– The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran is the ministry that informing people of the strategy of foreign economic activities is a reliable source.

Events Eye, the international reference for the calendar of world exhibitions.

The customs reference of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Global Weather, instant reference information of world weather.

World Clock, a valid reference for different world clocks at any time.

The University of Tehran Calendar Center, a valid reference for the country’s calendar.

– Convert the Persian or Arabic calendar to the international calendar and vice versa.

Useful links

Company Iran International Exhibitions

Iran Chamber of Commerce 

Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization


Iran’s  Ministery of Foreign Affairs

Iran’s Customs Administration

Events Worldwide

World Temperature

The World Clock

Calendar Center University of Tehran


Useful links