Frequently Asked Questions:

There are questions about holding the Iran Green Virtual Exhibition and related issues, some of which are listed here.

Q- What is the purpose of holding this exhibition?

A- On the main page of the website of the Iran Green International Exhibition, in this regard and under the title

of what we want to do, this important question has been answered.

Frequently Asked Question 

Q- What companies or persons can participate in this exhibition?

A- All People and legal persons that are directly or indirectly related to different fields of agriculture.

They can offer goods or services and have the opportunity to attend this exhibition. 

Q- What is the reason for the presence of insurance or transportation companies in this exhibition?

A- This group of companies or other similar cases in the field of providing services to other companies that are

directly related to agriculture. 

Q: What companies are mainly present in the real exhibition?

A- All horticultural companies, including companies in the field of greenhouses and related industries,

horticultural machinery and tools, Fertilizers and poisons, flowers and plants, and other related items can

participate in the real exhibition of the Iran Green Trade Fair (IGTF). 

Q- How to register to attend and participate in the real Iran Green exhibition?

A- To register for the real exhibition, please refer to the Website of Khazar Eurasia Company or the international


Frequently Asked Question