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Greenhouses and greenhouse construction in Iran

Greenhouses and Greenhouse construction in Iran

Greenhouses and greenhouse construction in Iran

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What do we know about greenhouse cultivation?

History of greenhouse cultivation:

A greenhouse is a place to grow different types of flowers or plants, whose roofs and walls are covered with transparent coverings.

Greenhouse cover creates a greenhouse effect and traps solar energy inside the greenhouse.

The first greenhouse was built in ancient Egypt.

The king of Egypt, who needed summer crops such as cucumbers due to illness, and the palace gardener, built a paper room for

planting due to the lack of suitable conditions for planting, thus building the first greenhouse in Egypt.

Gradually, with the advancement of science, other countries began to design and build greenhouses and to build glass and

polyethylene structures and greenhouses to produce the product out of season.

This industry quickly became popular due to the improvement of the quality and quantity of agricultural products and became

common in most countries.

In Iran, it was first imported by the Germans in 1956, which was a glass greenhouse with a metal frame that was used for

research work.

The industry quickly became interested in improving the quality and quantity of agricultural products and became popular in

most countries.

In Iran, it was first imported by the Germans in 1956, which is a budget greenhouse made of glass with a metal frame, which is

used for scientific research.

Then, with the introduction of plastic coatings, most greenhouses were built with wooden frames and plastic coatings.

Due to the impossibility of controlling all environmental factors in this type of greenhouse and greenhouse construction in Iran,

the tendency to build modern and mechanized greenhouses is increasing sharply, although traditional greenhouses are still used

due to their cheapness.

Greenhouse definition:

A greenhouse is a limited space that can control the right environmental conditions for plants to grow from different areas

throughout the year.

According to this definition, one of the functions of a greenhouse is to provide the necessary environmental conditions for certain


Greenhouses and Greenhouse construction in Iran

Greenhouses are divided into fixed and mobile types according to the type of building materials used in them.

Fixed greenhouses are greenhouses in which the building materials used are durable.

So you have to use them for years.

Greenhouse is divided into four categories based on the type of its use:

– Educational greenhouse

– Research Greenhouse

– Hobby Greenhouse like a home greenhouse

– Commercial Greenhouse

Advantages of greenhouse cultivation:

– Saving on natural inputs such as: space, fuel, energy, soil, water.

– Increase production per unit area (15 times free space), for example, per hectare of open space cultivation can average 30 to 35

tons of vegetables and summer crops can be harvested, but this figure reaches 500 tons in the greenhouse with two planting


– Production of more than one type of product per year and multiple productions per year (in the case of cucumber three times a

year and tomatoes twice a year).

– Increase product quality using biological control methods and reduce the use of pesticides in pest control.

– Increasing the quality of the product in terms of variety, color, form, aroma and taste.

– Saving water consumption (using pressurized systems).

– Use of non-arable lands with hydroponic system.

– Save land and free up extra land to grow other crops.

– No dependence of production on environmental conditions outside the greenhouse.

– Production of various products in all seasons.

– Ability to accurately plan planting time and adjust harvest time based on consumer market demand.

– The possibility of using new agricultural techniques such as class cultivation and using space instead of surface.

– Creating more job opportunities in villages and suburbs.

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Greenhouses and greenhouse construction in Iran

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