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Greenhouses and Greenhouse construction in Iran

Greenhouses and Greenhouse construction in Iran

About Greenhouses and Greenhouse construction and Horticulture in Iran


 Due to climate change and limited water resources in most parts of the world, changes in agricultural practices have inevitably

changed the face, so that farmers have been forced to get acquainted with the new style and context. 

One of the options that could  replace traditional cultivation and outdoor cultivation is the use of greenhouses.


Greenhouse cultivation is one of the methods that transferred agriculture from open space to indoor space (greenhouses) and has

made a variety of products available to consumers in all seasons, regardless of weather conditions

Therefore, at the peak of the  cold season, tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, eggplants, pineapples, etc. can be found on

thecounters of fruit shops, which commercialize the agricultural sector and create the ground for its active presence in global

markets, development of greenhouse cultivation units.

 By developing greenhouse crops, not only helps to increase production per unit area, but also helps to optimize the use of

waterand soil, especially the use of small plots in rural areas, and provides the opportunity to create more employment

in rural areasand various products off-season to consumers.

Each plant needs special conditions in terms of light intensity daytimetemperature, nighttime temperature, air, and soil moisture

to have optimal growth.

For the production and commercial cultivation of quality plants throughout the year, favorable environmental conditions must

becreated along with the control of harmful factors (such as wind, destructive storms, cold and frost) through a building

calleda greenhouse.

The greenhouse is considered as a controlled environment and according to the growing needs of the market, both in terms  of 

 production of flowers and ornamental plants and in terms of vegetables and summer crops, as well as the production of

medicinalplants and in recentyears the cultivation of fruit trees and shrubs, however, this method of production has become one of

the mostprofitable agricultural sectors today, which of course requires a significant initial investment.

Due to the large investment that is made in this field, the lack of proper management in the construction of the greenhouse, the

choice of location, type of greenhouse and its coverage will cause a lack of proper utilization of capital and facilities.

Greenhouses have been able to show themselves well in increasing the productivity of the agricultural sector in recent years,

  because the expansion of greenhouses improves the cultivation situation in the country. 

According to the statistics and  information of the Horticulture department of  the Ministry of  Agriculture theexecutiveoperation

of 29 agricultural towns in different parts of the country has started or is being put into operation, which also includes

alargenumber of greenhouses.


The total area of ​​greenhouses in the country is more than 12,500 hectares, which according to the plan of the Horticulture

department of  the Ministry of Agriculture in the near future this figure will reach 48,000 hectares.

Due to the 70-year-old  historyof greenhouses in Iran, about 30 years ago, the method of greenhouse production in Iran was

seriously keyed, and many greenhouses have been renovated in recent years.

In 2017, the improvement and reconstruction of greenhouses increased by 112percent. At present, the share of modern

greenhouses in Iran is between 10 to 15 percent and semi-modern greenhouses areabout 70 percent.

Of course, it seems that in the coming years, with a special look at this sector, as well as despite theintroduction of technology,

technical knowledge and modern equipment, a serious plan will be taken to develop greenhouses.

Therefore, considering theimportance of the subject, we found it necessary to collect and insert sequential materialsand 

information in this field.

In the next article, we will talk about the greenhouse industry and greenhouse cultivation in terms of statistic.

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Greenhouses and Greenhouse construction in Iran

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